Lateral Ankle Sprains

  What is an ankle sprain? Have you ever “gone over” on your ankle? Suddenly slip and feel your ankle give way? Have you suffered from bruising or swelling around the outside of your ankle? Do you feel your ankle is weak or stiff at times?   If so, you have probably suffered from an Ankle Sprain. There are two type of ankle sprains, Medial (inside of your ankle) Ankle Sprain and a Lateral (outside of your ankle) Ankle Sprain. A Lateral Ankle Sprain is the most common, where you feel the outside of your ankle roll outwards on itself […]

Shin Splints

Shin splints is a term used to describe pain around the front and inside of edge of the lower leg. Common causes of shin splints include muscular strains, stress fractures and muscular swelling. Shin Splints account for 35% of running injuries. The diagnosis requires careful evaluation of symptoms and clinical examination to ensure appropriate management. Anatomy The muscles of the leg attach along the front and back bones of the Tibia and Fibula. You can feel this as you run your hand down the front of your leg. The anterior compartment (your shin) controls lifting the foot upwards and decelerating […]